Deck building guidelines regulations and best practice

The best way to build a deck

The best way to build a decking structure is to know that your deck is being built correctly. By using the correct materials and the best industry-standard construction you can be rest assured it will last. The deck-building guidelines, regulations and best practices have been adopted by the Association of Professional landscapers. They are promoted in the open and available for contractors to follow and clients to understand what to expect. The best way to build a deck is to follow this essential decking guide.

Deckbuilding guidelines

There are many manufacturers of decking in the UK. Many of these have their own guidelines and instructions for the installation of their decking. In the main, they don’t cover the most important element of the build and that’s the structure under the decking. Unless your decking structure is built to the right standard you probably won’t be covered by their warranty.

You  may be faced with some after installation problems… such as

If the water doesn’t drain off

The decking platform isn’t sturdy and possibly moves

If the boards deflect when walked on

If the gaps are not consistent

If the boards are abutted when they shouldn't be

If the posts or joists have the incorrect treatment standard

If the fixings are not the right size or may rot prematurely

These are some of the questions that you won’t have if you have a copy of the up to date deck building guidelines by the APL. They are regularly updated and free, find them here .

Decking regulations

In their simplest form to be interpreted by the contractor and client, something to be followed so both parties know exactly what is being constructed. If the guidelines are followed and there is a failure, it will be easy to demonstrate what the issue or failure is. The issues or failures would then be highlighted in the timber, fixings, supports, screws or tape. If you have a deck failure or you suspect that your decking has been built to a poor standard you may wish to use a Decking Expert Witness. These guidelines will be used as part of the standards expected in court.

Best practice for deck building

The best practice to build a deck is to follow these industry and Association guidelines. Clients will know what to expect from the contractor. The client can easily observe if the deck is being built correctly or not

What to expect from the deck-building guidelines regulations

The decking guidelines will be easy to read and guide you through all the elements of the decking components. How they are fixed together and what with. They follow strict guides which conform with loading on top of your deck. This loading is calculated and is demonstrated in post, beam and joist span tables for all domestic decks.

The guideline is written with thanks to  Arborforest and Country Supplies

Download Decking Installation Guides

The Association industry guidelines for decking structures for timber and composite

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