Approved Millboard Decking Installer Beaconsfield

Approved Millboard Decking Installer Beaconsfield. Karl was first contacted by the PGCA to consult on this project that had been “finished” in 2019 by another contractor. He promptly made a site visit to get a closer look. It was clear from first appearances the generic composite decking had bent, twisted, discoloured and done all but get up and run away.

Upon further inspection, the deck spans were far to wide and not a lot was level nor fixed correctly . The composite was surface fixed when it should have used side clips,  no allowance for proper spacing and that’s just to start. It was a total disaster and quite dangerous.

Replacing old decking

The verdict? Let’s remove and replace the decking with a composite that is warrantied and fit for purpose. Further, Karl offered a range of different composite samples and the clients chose Millboard Enhanced Grain Smoked Oak. It fit in perfectly with the contemporary design surrounding the area.

failed composite decking

Professional Decking design and Installation

It is always important to make sure you use a professional to install your decking. The easiest way to do this is by using an approved installer of the product you’ve chosen. If the manufacturer endorses this person work you can consider them a professional. You can also check their credentials, are they a part of any professional associations? The Association of Professional Landscapers is the industry leading association for exactly that. The APL check on their members work on a regular basis making sure their high standards are met. These checks are also for insurance, training, H&S and first aid… covers CDM too.

approved millboard installer beaconsfield

How long does decking take to install

This project took 4 days start to finish; this includes removing the rotten eggy smelling decking and safely disposing of it. The clients are now left with a Millboard composite deck that has a warranty of 25 years. We also used plastic posts and Use class 4 treated joists so this deck won’t be going anywhere for a long time. This is why you should use an approved professional first.

Further information on Decking design and installation 

Credits and Further Information

Location                      Beaconsfield

Client                           Private

Completed                  2020

Materials                    Country Supplies

Installation                Karl Harrison Landscapes Ltd


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