Decking design and installation in Amersham

Decking design and installation in Amersham, Beaconsfield and Gerrards Cross. We are your local company that has been designing and building decks since 2003.

The Amersham decking designer

Karl Harrison is a Landscape Consultant and has been designing and building gardens since 2003. He designs decking platforms for gardens in a wide variety of materials… from the simple softwood pine decks, hardwoods, modified timbers and composite.

The initial meeting and site survey

I have to come to site for a site survey, it’s the perfect opportunity for us to meet. I need to inspect the ground, elevation and take accurate dimensions. Coffee is optional, strong and black please with no sugar… we can then get to grips with detailing, planning permission and if it’s needed as well as discussing materials.

Decking design and installation in Amersham

composite decking Amersham
decking design and construction by Karl Harrison in Amersham

The decking materials selection

There is a massive selection of materials to choose your decking from. It doesn’t matter about what I think about the materials, I offer the best advice to match your budget.

Softwoods are an assortment of treated Pines and Cedar.

Hardwoods are Iroko, Ipe, Oak, Cumaru.

Modified woods are some of the best materials with huge warranties, Lignia, Accoya and Kebony

Composite decking materials are Millboard, Ecodek, Composite Prime and Trekker Decking are some that we use.

Aluminium is the choice if you want the latest and also need to be A class fire rated. It’s actually cooler than most other products… There a few to choose from too.

All of our timbers for decking conform to the regulations by EUTR and are certified either FSC or PEFC. We do prefer, where possible, to use stainless steel fixings, these last for ever…

The framework for the decking substructure

The simplest form of decking structure is with C16/C24 Use Class III treated pine. When not in contact with the ground it is warranted for 15 years against rotting. We can use a plastic sub frame, this is made from recycled plastic (HDPE) and will never rot.  Finally, we could use a combination of steel and aluminium… Nonetheless, whatever your project, I can advise which is the best option for your sub frame.

Professional decking design Amersham
Decking designed by Karl Harrison in Amersham

The decking design

When I design a structure for your decking I have to follow many guidelines and calculations that I use are exact. The distance and frequency of posts, the spans of the beams, and the joist intervals are all calculated. Euro Code 5 are part of the standards that I work to; this covers domestic loading and commercial applications too. This includes the appropriate fixings for each type of decking structure. Your decking maybe any shape, a simple terrace, a complex multilayered affair or cantilevered over a pond. It could be to solve a difficult slope or add entertaining space in your garden. A balcony deck or a roof terrace… we’ve done them all.

The installation of your garden decking

Our team has been installing decking structures for years and will be installing your decking. Our current methods are tried and tested over the last 17 years and the very best construction is assured. We are professional, polite and clean is how we work and most garden decking installations in Amersham are completed much quicker than expected. Whether we have easy access to the back garden or if we have to go through your house, we experience them all. Even on the 10thfloor with no elevator…We also offer the immediate services associated with garden decking, lighting, water, paving, planting… as APL (Association of Professional Landscapers) we provide the whole Landscaping service.

decking designed and build in Amersham
Deck builder in Amersham

The decking maintenance

You may want a Spring tidy up, you may want a deep strip, clean and oil. Whatever the level of decking clean or maintenance service you need, we can provide it. We do use Owatrol products where possible and have done ever since we started decking design and installation in Amersham.

Email me personally to arrange a chat or a site visit

Working area

We do cover a wide area, normally 30 miles from Amersham…  but in any case, do give us a call or email as we’d love to hear from you.

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