What is Trex composite decking

What is Trex composite decking

The demand for Trex composite decking is increasing year on year as professional installers and homeowners recognise the benefits. Trex® is the world leading brand alternative to traditional timber decking. The sustainability credentials are unmatched around the world, so it’s easy to see why more people are choosing Trex.

The Spring decking season is almost upon us, and many installers across the UK are fast booking up decking projects. There are many Trex Pros already booked until the end of the year, so you need to plan ahead. If you’re considering Trex for a garden decking project, here’s the important information you need to know.

Does Trex outperform traditional timber decking?

Of course, when comparing performance and durability Trex is far superior.

Trex doesn’t splinter, rot or twist. There’s no need to sand, paint or stain the boards. The industry-leading 25-year and 50-year Trex limited residential warranty is unmatched. Trex is manufactured using up to 95 per cent recycled materials, it has world leading sustainable credentials.

What is inside a Trex decking board?

Recycled materials, to include plastics and reclaimed sawdust are the main components inside Trex composite decking.  This includes plastic food packaging and plastic bags, which means every

“30-square metres Trex deck contains 84,000 recycled plastic bags”

Trex decking boards also contain reclaimed timber and sawdust, as well as recycled plastic – saving upwards of 200 million kilograms from going into landfill each year. This makes Trex one of the biggest plastic film recyclers in the U.S.

Is Trex a more expensive decking board compared to natural timber?

Trex decking boards are made from 95 per cent recycled materials so in order to maintain the highest quality and performance they need meticulous processing.

The initial cost of Trex may be more expensive than traditional timber decking but due to the reduced lifetime maintenance, it’s cheaper. Trex composite boards are much better value than timber because they don’t need sanding or oiling, they don’t fade either.

Trex Joist Tape, why should I use it?

TrexProtect® joist tape is one of the most efficient ways to make your decking structure last longer. The most common area where joists rot is where the decking screw penetrates the surface. Trex tape is Butyl-based which seals the screw and prevents ingress of moisture which increases the longevity of the structure. Trex tape has a 20-year warranty too. It’s easy to use: simply stick the joist tape to the top of your substructure and protect against moisture penetration.

All approved TrexPRO installers use TrexProtect joist tape for Trex installations

What is the Trex high-performance shell?

This shell encompasses the board in order to protect from the outdoor elements. Using this shell technology prevents the boards from any staining, scratching, mould and fading.

Decking boards in the Trex Transcend® and Trex Enhance® ranges are manufactured with a high-performance shell.

The detailed and refined grain, richer colour palettes and superior quality is due to the high-performance shell technology. This shell reduces maintenance to an occasional pressure wash or soapy water once or twice a year. This hardworking shell also provides fade and stain resistance.

The shell takes the credit for why Trex provides a warranty for its Transcend boards for up to 50 years when fitted by TrexPROs.

Can I walk on Trex in bare feet when its sunny?

All surfaces will increase in temperature in the sun on a hot day. Some surfaces become too hot to walk on.

Trex has tested this heat retention performance in relation to other materials. When comparing darker coloured composite boards with pressure treated timber stained the same colour, it was found that the timber became even hotter than the Trex boards.

Colour is the biggest factor to consider in terms of how hot the deck will get in the sun. if you have an exposed sun-trapping terrace, lighter coloured boards will retain less heat.

Can Trex decking be specified for commercial projects?

Trex has a versatile range of materials which will often fit the needs of most commercial projects. Architects and cityscape projects are specifying Trex on a regular basis. Trex has been used commercially for high traffic footfall areas  Projects around the world include Mount Rushmore, Dubai resorts, the pier and boardwalks in Philadelphia and Jersey Shore following the damage left by Hurricane Sandy.

How heavy is Trex decking?

Trex decking boards are between 50 and 70 per cent heavier than average timber. Trex Enhance is a lighter alternative thanks to its engineered underside finish. When presenting to Architects their most common, what is Trex composite decking, question is “how heavy is it”.

Can I use Trex Decking structurally?

The manufacturer’s instructions should be followed to extract the very best from Trex composite decking. Structural components in your deck should be with an approved structure to EC5 standards, Trex decking boards are NOT structural.

Trex has an intended use and this is for decking and cladding, it must only be used for its intended purpose.

questions about Trex composite decking
What is Trex Composite decking

Are there grooves in the side of Trex boards?

Some Trex decking boards have grooves and some are solid boards.You may create grooves in the sides of boards with the Trex Groove Cutter which is designed to accept the recommended secret fixings. The pre-grooved Trex boards use the Trex Hideaway® Hidden Fastening System.

Can you rip down/cut Trex boards?

The thickness of the decking board should remain at full thickness and must not be reduced. You may rip the boards lengthwise, with an appropriate circular saw. You must always be able to follow the installation instructions to enable the warranty be valid. Please note that pre-drilling may be required to fix ripped down boards.

Can you glue Trex boards?

Glue maybe used to fix the fascia boards but only as a secondary fixing in conjunction with the appropriate screws. Instructions for the fascia boards are in the Trex Installation Guide.

Can I use any fixings for Trex decking?

Information on fixings can be found in the Trex Installation Guide. It is essential that the Trex screws are used. Any non-recommended fixings used during your installation will impact the warranty.

Can you install Trex decking over a solid surface?

Yes, this is a simple arrangement of small pedestals and joists. Trex recommends this method and calls this the “Sleeper System”

More details on sleeper system guidelines can be found in the Trex Installation Guide.

Should I paint or stain my Trex composite decking?

There is really no need to paint or stain Trex decking boards. The high-performance shell allows for a long-lasting finish which provides the 35 and 50 year warranty. The colour and protective finish are engineered into the shell during the manufacturing process,

Can you sand or jet wash Trex decking?

Sanding the surface of Trex would not be very clever, this will strip off the protective surface and void your warranty.

You may jet wash Trex composite decking. Your machine must be cold water and less than 3100 psi. This will remove any dirt on the decking and if you squeegee the surface water it will dry in no time.

Cleaning Tip “don’t use a fan tip any closer than 20cm during jet washing”.

Is Trex composite decking no maintenance?

Everything in your garden will get dirty, Trex is no different and the boards will get dirty over time. One of the many benefits of using Trex composite decking is that the only maintenance you will need to carry out is a wash with soapy water or a jet wash.

How can I melt ice on my Trex decking?

White rock salt will melt snow and ice on your decking during the colder months. Once the conditions are safe you should then rinse off any left-over salt.

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