How decking can transform your garden

You don’t have to renovate your entire garden to turn it into something beautiful. Focusing on a smaller area of your garden may help you save money and still get something that is built to last. For example, decking can be built over virtually any space which can easily hide whatever was there prior. There is also a lot of different decking options to choose from.

How decking can transform your garden

If you’re considering investing in your garden take into account how long is this going to last. You get what you pay for, and this can lead you down a few different roads here. Commission a professional that will design and construct something they can back with a warranty – usually 20+ years. On the other hand, you could use a more cost-effective option that may last a few years before it needs re doing.

The picture below is a good example of where a cheap composite deck was installed by others. Not even 2 years after installation the clients needed to find a professional to replace it with composite decking that is actually warrantied.

How to find a professional decking installer

How to find a professional decking installer

Most decking manufacturers have professional installer schemes. These schemes are often a combination of annual site inspections and tests. Doing this ensures the companies they endorse are professional installers that follow the installation guidelines. When using their approved professional installers, they will often give you a warranty for the decking too.

On this project, Karl chose to use Trex composite decking to give this garden a makeover. It has certainly made an impact and even better Trex warranty this for 25 years. After every TrexHow to find a professional decking installer installation, Karl submits the information to Trex and they simply issue the warranty to both Karl and the client.

If you plan on using any decking it is always worth checking what the warranty actually covers and for how long too.

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Project photo’s – Karl Harrison Landscapes Ltd

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