Garden Decking Trends for 2023

Garden Decking Trends for 2023

Lighter and brighter are the on-trend gardens for this year. White is the new black and the colours are sharper than they ever have been. Combinations of materials should be harmonious, simple and geometric

The last decade has been overwhelmed with black surrounded by variations in grey. This is so yesterday and this year’s focus is bold and bright; its whiter than ever before. The garden and decking trends for 2023 are refined and sophisticate with natural materials and brighter colours.

Decking design for 2023

Patterns in decking layouts have been around for years. This time around it’s the simplicity of the pattern. Chevrons and herring bone are the go to patterns for 2023. They create an angular displacement which defines a space in a very stylish way. Perimeter banding with a simple decking layout works well with an inner banding to surround your chevron pattern.

Trendy decking

Trex has hit the designer headlines with their expansion of the Transcend range by adding a couple of new colours. Aimed at the luxury end of the decking market and bang on trend. The addition of the Transcend® LineageÔ in Biscayne and Rainier has been well received and already being specified for new gardens in 2023.

Transcend® LineageÔ Biscayne is a naturally grained patterned composite deck with hues of light honey. This colour certainly captures the feeling of a sandy coast line. Imagine walking barefoot on the sand watching the sunset…

Transcend® LineageÔ Rainier is composite decking board with an appealing grain. It is light and airy with colours of white capped mountains and soft silver tones. This works exceptionally well with a white fascia board.

“These light and soft colour palettes are sophisticated and stylish” Trex® spokesperson.

Trendy plants for your garden

white’s and colours influenced by white are a certainty for this year… Alliums in for the Spring are essential. If you missed out planting them in the Autumn you can still buy them already potted on so you haven’t lost out. Choice of colours for this year are “Mount Everest”, “Graceful Beauty” and “Silver Spring” (with a tiny purple centre). These can be balanced across your planting scheme with Agapanthus “Twister” and “Sea breeze” are white with subtle blues running through the petals.

For all year structure the Osmanthus Burkwoodii is a must have. It’s perfectly formed rich green leaves and a show of beautifully scented white flowers from May to June and a second flourish in September if the weathers right.

The best trees and large shrubs have to be Cornus Kousa with varieties like “China Girl or Venus” being my preferred choice. Hydrangeas work well, the flowers on “Annabelle and Great Star” are incredible

Paving that’s perfect

Single size paving units provide a simple pattern, less fuss and simple lines. The larger units like 900mm x 900mm provide a distinguished look to your terrace. Tight grout lines of no more than 6mm to 8mm, tighter if your paving units are perfectly formed. light greys and silvers are the go to colours for this year.

Decking that’s natural

The word in the decking world for 2023 has to be Accoya®. An acetylated timber that is knot free, smooth and silvers to an immaculate silver grey. It has a proven warranty of 50 years as decking, there are conditions for such so do take a look directly at Accoya® website. This is a product for designers to specify and for the Pro’s to install. Too many choices for dimension and finish, you can even use side fixings with the amazing timber as its movement is negligible to nothing.

Colours of the year

Viva Magenta is a huge statement and only if you brave enough. If you are painting a feature wall or spraying up a piece of garden furniture you may get away with it. It’s a massive colour, deep and rich… and will definitely add a statement to your garden.

Putting the bold and the brave aside for a moment and considering your new garden this year, I’d keep the materials colour light and let the flower colours do the rest.

What’s hot and what’s not

Porcelain tiles have seen prices raised to more than double over the last year forcing manufacturers to race towards the bottom. Quality is suffering as a result and complaints are on the rise. One to miss…

Natural materials, natural stone paving is on the up. Mixed patio packs are a little passé and instead large single unit dimensions are becoming popular. Grouting colours are an important design element and Fugabella being the choice amongst experts. This being due to the massive choice of colours they offer.

Design patterns for gardens with scope in the investment have reverted to the more formal. Zig Zag, Herringbone and Chevron are from the 20’s and 30’s with a revival in the 60’s and 70’s. They are back and they are HOT. The geometry in design is a big hit with designers, clients are loving it.

Garden Decking Trends for 2023 by The Decking Network.

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