Maintenance free, non-slip MEXTRU aluminium decking

Maintenance free, non-slip aluminium decking

It’s not timber, it’s not a composite, it is maintenance free, its fire rated and its non slip aluminium decking.

This is rather good folks, the frame doesn’t rot, the decking doesn’t rot, warranted for just about ever too. It’s decking but not as we know it, a revolution and a problem solver and it look GOOD.

No staining, sanding, oiling, pre finished and sent to site already cut to your specification, is it really that good. Easy to install, I think everyone says that though… but this really is. Not as big as some units on the market but certainly looks the part and “fit for purpose”.

Aluminium Decking by Mextru
leading manufacturer of extruded aluminium decking

Aluminium decking with a textured finish

Unlike some other decking boards made from aluminium, the finish by Mextru is textured. This is a definite attraction to the many benefits this decking has.

Fire resistant                         Fire performance of A2 (s1 d0) to NF EN13501 1:2013

Green decking                       Aluminium decking made from recycled aluminium to EN755-9 standards

Anti-Slip surface                  Mould resistant, hard wearing, inorganic and anti-slip coating to BS7976-2

Long life                                 Will last for more than 20 years and fully recyclable at “End of Life”

Maintenance                         Behave… what maintenance?

(Editors note, an often asked question is “is there such a thing as Maintenance Free aluminium decking?)

The benefits of aluminium decking

The benefits of Mextru aluminium decking are plentiful. The boards will not rot, splinter, warp or succumb to the weather, it is heat resistant, comfy to walk on when the suns out too.

The maintenance is quick too, a simple low pressure wash and let dry, no sanding nor oiling. It’s is quite a cost saving over the life of the decking or should we say “your investment’…

Made to measure aluminium decking kit

This is actually quite an exciting concept, imagine designing a decking platform and then getting exactly that delivered to site. No cutting or any tooling required, simply unpack and fit… Mextru have created the possibility to have a made to measure solution. If you are unsure, give them a call and they can install for you…

Heated Aluminium decking… are you mad?

There are situations here snow and ice is an absolute No No and normally where chemicals or abrasive salts are used. Not anymore, Mextru have created a well proven and tested Heated Aluminium Decking solution. Imagine an external terrace at a snow lodge or client in Moscow that wants a clear terrace… ok I went to the extreme, but how about a disabled access, now that’s a tidy asset.

Contact Mextru direct for your Aluminium decking enquiries here 

Aluminium terrace decking project
Mextru aluminium terrace decking project to be completed.


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