How to design a smart garden for your home

How to design a smart garden for your home

The ultimate in landscape gardening is to incorporate home automation into the design. Home automation is a process where anything that has a power supply, can be switched on and off can be automated and set to create scenes and events.

“These gardens are called Smart Gardens”

How to design a smart garden

Who do I ask to design my automated garden?

When designing your new garden, it essential that your garden designer know that you would like everything that can be, automated. It is important that you get a home automation professional. This will ensure the correct advice, one set of controls, the right system interface… Control 4 for example.

Who does the installation of the automation system

The best company is one that understands the interface of the items you are controlling from your device. It’s not a simple plug and play, there is plenty of complex programming involved; as well as knowledge of the correct cabling, equipment and technology. Someone like Indigozest, now these are clever folk and have years of experience with multiple systems, like Control 4, Lutron, Proofvision, KNX, Triad Garden Array speakers and subwoofers.

The Decking Network said “I’d use an outdoor living expert like Indigozest”.

What is garden Automation and why do I need it?

Your lights can be controlled in zones and with different light settings. Your patio fire place can adjust the flame, you can also switch it off from your device from anywhere… it’s a safety thing… the music can be controlled from your integrated audio, your water feature, irrigation, outdoor kitchen and even your lift up hatch with your outdoor TV…

Smart gardens are there to impress, they look very stylish and are very easy to use. The main and most important reason is so you can stay in control from anywhere…

You can also use automatic garden watering which can be connected to your home automation control system.

Picture the scene – You’re are having a party, music is playing throughout the house but now you can extended it into the garden, without missing a beat, by simply adding in the ‘garden zone’ …our directional sound speakers leave your guests enveloped in sound without disturbing the neighbours. As the sun sets, the fire on the terrace comes on, layers of light gradually dim up as it gets darker and you can set your playlist to suit the mood.

How to design a smart garden

When you are designing your customers landscape consider the option of an audio demo. We often find that customers will spec a basic 2 speaker solution placed around their patio. Purely because they don’t see the value in anything else and that they do not want to create noise pollution. We can set up a demo in one hour for your customer to truly experience the benefit of directional sound and fully enjoy the whole garden that you intend to design for them.

In addition, we can integrate outdoor lighting, kitchens and summer house’s to be controlled both from home and away.

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