Incorporating elements of nature in landscaping projects

Incorporating elements of nature in landscaping projects.

Lockdown has led to a surge in interest in gardening and home improvements, and a greater appreciation of our outdoor spaces. The need for our homes and gardens to be calming and restorative spaces has never been so important.

Biophilic design is a growing trend, with architects and landscape designers putting more thought into how to incorporate nature into public and private spaces.  Biophilia, meaning love of nature, focuses on humans’ innate attraction to nature and natural processes. It suggests that we all have a genetic connection to the natural world.  Elements of nature such as wood, water and plants, for example, can be sustainably incorporated into our environment. By doing so, research has proven we can help reduce our stress and blood pressure levels, whilst increasing productivity, creativity and general well-being.

With the natural synergy between wood and plants, living walls can perfectly complement garden decking, softening the space and creating an instant burst of colour and texture.

At Growing Revolution, our aim was to design an easy to install, stackable living wall system with professional landscapers, garden designers and self-builders in mind. Each trough (L60xW15xH20cm) is made from 100% recycled plastic and has a 1.8ltr reservoir, so plants can go 1-2 weeks between watering (depending on weather conditions and location of plants). Each trough has a water level indicator, showing when the water needs topping up, so no guesswork needed. Further, watering manually or with a simple irrigation system connected to an outdoor tap with a hose connector.

You can attach the PlantBox living wall system to the front of a raised decking area.

Incorporating elements of nature in landscaping projects

Or attached to fencing or concrete walls.

how to make a living green wall in your garden

Enhance your landscaping projects with PlantBox living walls

  • Competitive price point, from under £100 per square metre (excluding plants, substrate and installation)
  • Eco friendly product manufactured in the UK and made from 100% recycled plastic
  • Quick lead times: 3-5 days from order to delivery
  • Modular, stackable system that is easy to install and can be configured to any space
  • Instantly transforms any vertical surface, while encouraging the bees, butterflies and pollinators into your garden.
  • A donation of £1 from every unit will go to the PlantBox Trust; our registered charity that helps create engaging green spaces, provides cleaner water and reduces air pollution.


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Written by Vanessa McGee, Sales & Account Manager at Biotecture Ltd

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