How to maintain decking with Owatrol

How to maintain decking with Owatrol

A teak decking roof terrace which was beautifully designed and built by Karl Harrison has recently been renovated.

A deep strip of the benches, the lift out panels and of course the teak decking and handrails.

The history of a Teak decking terrace.

Some 10 years ago when this magnificent terrace was constructed, the surface was treated with Prepdeck followed by the neutralising product Net-Trol (This is essential after using Prepdeck, you can’t use one without the other). The terrace was allowed a few days to fully dry. This allowed the new teak to open up the surface so the decking could receive the Grey decking oil Aquadeks.

There you have it, a pre aged teak deck, perfect in every way. Perfect in design, perfect in construction and perfect in colour. This colour scheme was maintained every year in early spring. I do note that none of the decking was repaired nor replaced.

How to maintain your London teak decking with Owatrol

Where is this central London terrace

Situated in the Strand, London, a building renovated for 21st century living, where the opulence of the Art Deco period is exemplified around the world. This apartment sits high above this landmark building in London.

Luxury Teak Decking

There are projects where sometime the client would prefer to pre age the teak to a grey, this way there is little to no weathering and on this project the client wanted the decking to be grey on day one. It was with the great assistance of Owatrol that this was achieved. This grey colour was maintained every year and retained the quality of the terrace in terms of colour.

The maintenance of the teak decking

Having had the Owatrol decking oils in grey applied every year for 6 years it was a simple task to remove all of these layers and get the timber back to its original colour. The team at Owatrol were happy to recommend the appropriate set of chemicals to strip off the previous oils and provide the expertise to do so.

How to maintain your London teak decking with Owatrol

A series of chemicals by Owatrol were used, Prepdeck was the first product, liberally applied and allowed to soak into the surface. Jet washed off to reveal an almost striped and natural timber. Before it was allowed to dry the Net-Trol was applied and allowed to soak in for about 40 minutes or so. This then jet washed off, the decking does really start to look like new timber. Once dried thoroughly and inspected, a flood coat of the Owatrol Aquadeks was applied. This until the decking had been fully saturated and could take in no more oil. This was to the decking, handrails and custom teak benches.

Karl Harrison said “I have trusted Owatrol products for almost 17 years now, I use them on every project”.

The client was delighted and said “It’s looking rather good – your guys have done a great job. The bench looks amazing – love the new handles. As regards the oiling – the colour is just what we wanted.”

How to maintain your London teak decking with Owatrol

How to maintain decking with Owatrol is an essential read to ensure you understand Owatrol deck maintenance products. Do contact Owatrol direct in the UK if you need further technical decking maintenance advice.

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