Grad is a 100% invisible fixing system for decking and cladding. Our unique system is quicker and easier to install than traditional methods; it lives longer and in better condition and provides a flawless finish, aligned perfectly with no visible screws or nails.

Pre-fitted rails ensure precision-aligned boards are laid over 50% more quickly than traditional decking and cladding methods. Thanks to the unique grad clip, boards are easily clipped in place and attached with no screws or nails. It is not only 50% quicker to install than traditional decking but requires little to no specialist skills to install.

Our aluminium and POM substructure means the base won’t rot, and our boards are more stable and less prone to rotting, splitting, and warping, with no fixings penetrating the wood and better drainage, thanks to the board’s unique tapered profile.

Designed and manufactured in Europe by a family-owned business, the Grad system has been engineered to perfection over the last 20 years.

Why choose Grad?

Invisible Fixing
Boards clip directly onto the Grad® system removing the need to screw or nail directly into the wood.

Precision alignment
The unique concept of pre-equipped rails ensures perfect alignment on every installation.

Quick to install
Thanks to the Grad® system’s innovative design, installation times are more than 50% faster than traditional decking.

Easy-fit system
The easy-to-fit system means training is quick and easy, and mistakes are minimised.

Long life
Engineered to warp less and survive longer in better condition due to improved ventilation and water management.


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