Swimming Pool Decking in Ascot

Swimming Pool Decking in Ascot

A Contemporary and sleek looking mechanised pool cover made entirely from GRAD® System Decking in Ascot. An aluminium frame with Bamboo decking in a problem-solving situation for this private swimming pool.

The decking design brief

LDC was tasked with finding a solution that would enable them to build a deck on their client’s steel-framed electric retracting pool cover. The finish of the installation needs to tie in with LDC’s slick, minimalist garden design.

The Boards needed to follow the dark wood theme of the outdoor cinema and living area. The finish must be flawless and perfectly aligned with no visible screws. The mechanism is open to the sides and a solution needs to be found to hide this.

“Moso Xtreme from GRAD Systems was chosen for its colour and water resistance”

Moso Xtreme by GRAD Systems UK
Moso Xtreme by GRAD Systems UK

The swimming pool cover must be well thought out and designed to integrate seamlessly with the other elements of hardscape in the garden. The decking must have a luxurious feel and perform well for durability in this environment.

Durable and certified hardwood decking

Moso Xtreme was the choice for the decking because it has the impact ability of concrete and the tensile strength of mild steel.  The dark tones integrated well with the rest of the garden.

MOSO® Xtreme

High-density decking that looks beautiful

Moso Xtreme is CO2 neutral and boasts high durability and fire it is also resistant to fire. It really is the ecological alternative to tropical hardwood and contains no knots. Its equivalent timber classification is Use Class 4 and Durability Class 1 which is “Very Durable” (over 25 years)

The “Comfort profile” is a unique surface shape applied to the decking board which makes it easy to walk on. It’s a smooth planed wood with a slightly curved shape to the deck surface to allow water drain-off which makes it last longer. This profile is tactile and very comfortable to walk on in bare feet.

Grad System rails and decking accessories

It was decided that two skirting boards were needed to achieve the desired elevation, so the PR39 rail was chosen to give the extra height needed. The skirting was attached using PR24 rails and B2s which are unique to GRAD. The aluminium rails were screwed directly into the steel pool cover frame. There are several aluminium profiles in the Grad System, most elevation problems are solved with this choice.

Grad aluminium framing system
Grad aluminium framing system

GRAD care about their contractors

Decking installer in Ascot
Decking installer in Ascot

The team at GRAD Systems communicated well with LDC to create a design that worked with this pool cover. Grad provided full step-by-step installation guidelines, including diagrams and visuals, to ensure a perfect installation.

The Grad team made 3 site visits to support LDC and help with any questions.

Having never used the product before, it took 1 landscaper 2 days to complete this installation because GRAD is easy to install.

Tom Price from LDC Ltd said. “We highly recommend Grad for their clarity of construction drawings and always being on hand for any advice or site visits. Fantastic product and services. We will be using again.”

Swimming pool decking in Ascot

Grad’s unique decking system was the pinnacle of this installation. There isn’t another system out there that could have achieved these seamless results on such a tricky installation. Grad system meant LDC’s already outstanding garden design had all the flawless finishing touches it needed to wow their customer.

LOCATION – Ascot, Berkshire, UK

PRODUCTS – Moso Xtreme bamboo decking boards on Grad ‘hidden fix’ system

MAIN CONTRACTOR – LDC Limited www.ldclandscape.co.uk

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