Decking design and installation in Norwich

Decking design and installation in Norwich

Darren Gooch, decking by name and decking by nature. This chap is an absolute professional when it comes to designing and building decking structures for domestic gardens. Rated as one of the top professionals for Trex® composite decking and is certified as a “Platinum Pro Installer”

So, who is the East Anglian man behind the best decking design and installation in Norwich.

The interview

What’s your name, where you from and what do you do?

I am Darren Gooch trading as Beams and Braces, from Norwich, Norfolk. We offer hard landscaping, garden buildings and structures.

“Decking is our specialty”

Composite decking builder in Norfolk
Composite decking builder in Norfolk

How long have you been installing decks?

My first deck was back in 2002, blimey that’s 20 years ago. Time really does fly, and I have built to  many decks to mention since then.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Wow what inspires me, making sure my clients brief is met then to see  if I can exceed expectations.  I love to show off  the teams’ work, and this makes me proud. My inspiration comes from my passion to build, using the products I believe in and then receiving the love and likes from my pictures online. Lee Heitzman has been a leader and believer in my work. I’ve grown my company over the years and pushed my work  into social media platforms and entering the decking awards. Karl Harrison has provoked me to install inlays and get involved in talks where my knowledge and skill are wide open and raw for the world to see.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions the Decking Network?

The Decking Network is a non-biased network of brands, installers and consumers. It’s one place to find the answers to a question, advice to a problem or an installer / brand which gets them a good result.

TASK training Academy providing LANTRA certified decking courses… your thoughts?

I think the best way to move forward is for the big brands to insist on registered installers to have this. I’m for it, in fact I love it. Some installer schemes haven’t even asked to see that I have insurance. I wish fencing and garden buildings also had this direction. We are building on another level compared to our competition.

What’s your favourite site tool and why?

Best tool man, that’s a hard one. I love a square, my Festool Domino is used all the time and its awesome. I think is the rail saw (Plunge) that creates the most magic. There are a few and they all compete strongly to be my best tool. I’ll conclude by saying that this bottle of wine that’s just been delivered from my most recent client is the best tool 🙂

What’s your largest and also smallest project?

I’ve done a few square metres for a local lady who needed a tiny terrace to sit and read a book. It was only two square metres, and it made her happy. I’ve also done some sensible projects; one was 148 square metres. I have great experience in all manner of deck construction.

Pet hate about other people’s decking?

My pet hate about decks boy other people is a bit of a weak question. I’ll suffice it to say that if you really can’t be bothered then don’t do it… There are so many poor installations out there. Honestly, I can’t sleep once I’ve see what you’ve just thrown down…

Best material for structures?

This depends on the application and the situation of the job. If you show me the project, I can recommend the best solutions for the structure. Use Class 4 treated timber in 150 x 47mm covered in Deck Tape is the best entry level structure as it’s the best value for money. In the majority I prefer to use Hahn plastic joists (HDPE), Plaspro or Arbor joists. If the structure is built on concrete rafters or substantial pads it is by far the best investment as it lasts the longest. I should add the use of Carpenters Mate fixings, their structural fixings are the best, I enjoy working with the CMFH150 flat heads, they are perfect for framing up.

Best decking for a top end project?

Trex Transcend has so many qualities. It’s hard wearing, and the tropical colours are warming. Installed by a Trex Pro Platinum installer you receive a warranty which is solid.

Price point of this board brings a great finish at a value for money price tag.

Best economy decking?

Based on our sales we have found the most popular economy decking this year is Trex  basics clam shell. It looks clean when laid and still boasts a great warranty. Compared to the products available in this price range this product is a bargain.

Decking materials or product that hasn’t been invented yet?

A scratch proof decking board which is stable in all temperatures.

To tape or not to tape?

The science behind any product that improves the lifespan of what I build, I like this. In my opinion, tape, is a smart move and a valuable addition to any investment. I must comment on airflow here, decking tape is useless if the frame is sat directly on the soil. This give’s little to no airflow, the soil keeps the frame wet and rots in a few years, in this situation the tape is pointless no matter what you stick it too.

To curve or not to curve?

Absolutely, curves are sexy. The design of any deck needs to complement its surroundings.

We love to build curves and add inlays but be aware of the costs and time involved in your design of deck. If budget is the essence of the build, then avoid these details

Any questions that you would like to have been asked… (plus your answer of course).

Would you like a glass of wine during the interview. Yes please … Oh and if you are looking for decking design and installation in Norwich… call me or email me

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  1. Hello..

    I’m looking for a full-time job
    I have always worked outside and grafted,I work for a landscaper/ pond building company at the moment and I do there decking and take my hand to most things aswel as drive dumpers and diggers.. I have transport and also doing lessons at the moment for my full driving licence..

    I real enjoy decking and working outside..

    Please let me know if you have any job opportunities going and I’m happy to send you over some photos of my work…

    Thanks for your time

    Jake baxter