Composite decking installer in Hitchin

Composite decking installer in Hitchin

212 Solutions have been decking installers for 25 years, based in Hitchin in Hertfordshire. decking by name and decking by nature. This professional decking company is led by Richard Masters who specialises in domestic decking. An ambassador for Trex® composite decking and a Pro for other leading brands of composite decking.

Look no further in choosing the right chap for the job, especially if you are located in Bedford, Hitchin or Letchworth.

The interview

“I am committed to building the best a deck can be”.

What’s your name, where you from and what do you do?

Richard Masters, I live in a small village just outside Hitchin in Hertfordshire and I install Composite and Timber Decking

How long have you been installing decks?

I have been designing and installing decking since the early 90’s, Softwood, Southern Yellow Pine and Hardwood (Mainly Yellow Balau). The composite market was not big in the UK at this time when I started. Now, it must be composite all day with Trex leading the way. I did have to have some time away from the industry and returned to a few years back.  My love and passion of decking is important to me. So, in answer to your question nearly 30 years.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Every deck is different no matter how big or small the project is. It’s the reward and achievement you get every time you finish one. Knowing that the client who is the most important person in process from start to finish. When they are satisfied with my work inspires me to want to be more creative.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions the Decking Network?

A good friend of mine within the industry pushed me to the site. It’s great there is plenty of info, resources to help fellow professionals within the industry. There is plenty of images to inspire when designing a project. Every day is a school day and being able to have access to resources of this nature is a great tool all round.

TASK training Academy providing LANTRA certified decking courses… your thoughts?

Again, the same good friend brought this to my attention, and I have just completed the course. All professional deck builders should go on this course and get the accreditation. The course offers a good insight to give you the knowledge to know you are doing the job right unlike others within the industry. What I came away with was priceless and made efficiencies throughout my business. The level of detail in all elements of decking design and installation was exceptional.

What’s your favourite site tool and why?

If you had asked me when I first came into the industry, I would have said my chop/mitre saw. Now it’s the plunge saw amazing piece of kit for perfect finishes, the stuff Makita make is awesome.

“Composite decking installer in Hitchin”

What’s your largest and also smallest project?

When I first started out, I completed just under a 150sqm in Yellow Balau. However, since returning to the industry I have completed 102sqm of composite. I’ll not mention the small ones 

Pet hate about other people’s decking?

Great question where do you start? It’s frameworks that are constructed poorly with plenty of corners being cut and the people that wonder why they fail. It’s always the end user that suffers and will have to put right at further expense. The good deck builders of this world have probably priced the same job and loose out to poor installers that undercut by using cheap products, labour and think that they are doing it correctly.

Best material for structures?

UC4 Treated it’s there for a reason, I think my pet hate above says it all.

Best decking for a top end project?

Trex Transcend Range nothing better on the market, quality board with good a selection available and warranty. Island Mist is by far my favourite. However, I do like the Trex Linear Range that has come into the UK. Haven’t completed one yet but looking forward to doing so in the near future.

Best economy decking?

Understand that people have budget restrictions and end up going for a cheap composite product or install softwood. The cheap composite ends up failing and softwood requires regular maintenance. For me Trex Calm Shell composite decking, its warranted for 25 years and its affordable.

Decking materials or product that hasn’t been invented yet?

Not really given this a thought as I am happy with the products I have choose to install.

To tape or not to tape?

Definitely, tape it’s a must, the more awareness of this product that is put out there the better this will be overall. Trex tape is definitely the best on the market.

To curve or not to curve?

Would love to branch out into curve decking as some of the decks I have seen look amazing. Credit should go to these deck installers for their creativity

Any questions that you would like to have been asked… plus your answer of course.

No just to keep being happy installing decking and spending time with my first grandchild. But if you are interested in a deck in a composite decking installer in Hitchin, Bedford or Letchworth do make contact.

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