Trex Deck Builder in Weybridge

Trex Deck Builder in Weybridge

When choosing a Weybridge decking design or decking installer it may be worth a visit to a manufacturers Pro Installers Scheme. Trex composite decking has a well performing Deck Pro installer scheme. All members in this Trex scheme have been proven for skill, quality and with references. The manufacturer also inspect three projects as part of the vetting process.

What’s your name, where you from and what do you do?

My name is Daniel Rainbow and I am from Woking, Surrey. I run a landscaping company that really enjoys designing and building Trex decking projects along with other larger scale projects. Innovision Landscapes Ltd is a specialist decking company that covers all local areas in Surrey.

How long have you been installing decks?

I have been installing decks for around 10 years, time has flown by.

“Are you wanting a Trex Deck Builder in Weybridge”

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I never really used to have much inspiration, well that’s what I thought.  But, now seeing what other people have done with Trex over the years, that’s my inspiration. I am inspired by the vast array of colours, especially those that work well together. I am trying to become more creative and for the deck to stand out. It is hard to find clients who are willing to let us have full creative control.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions the Decking Network?

I hadn’t heard about it until I had met with other decking installers last week – It does look really good and I will be looking to start using this more. I does have a lot of information and I am sure a solid resource for anyone interested in decking.

TASK training Academy providing LANTRA certified decking courses… your thoughts?

It is always good to be certified, however the problem is that a lot of people do not look at accreditation within the industry.

Editors note “Imagine it being like the USA where you need to have permit to build a deck and an independent inspection to get it signed off. What if Pro installer schemes insisted on you taking this course… This may be on the horizon.”

What’s your favourite site tool and why?

I really enjoy using a chop saw as it allows me to do a variety of things with it. To be honest I’d be lost without it. I’d lose all of those precision cuts. Makita is my fav’. 

What’s your largest and also smallest project?

My largest project up to date is 68sqm but in the new year I would like to take on larger projects. It’s a case of building the decks for the clients in front of me. The smallest enquiry for a Trex Deck Builder in Weybridge was for 10sqm. Every deck I build has the same passion and energy, there’s no difference in quality.

Pet hate about other people’s decking?

I hate it when people do not get the joists close enough, it is a very basic mistake! EC5 (Eurocode 5 for timber construction) and the industry standard guides are free to download from the APl. I don’t know why many more people don’t use them.

Best material for structures?

UC4 timber (but this is not widely available in my area) Use Class 4 means it can touch the ground and be warranted against rotting for 15 years. Aluminium systems for the substructure is the best in my book but it’s too expensive for most projects.

Best decking for a top end project?

TREX, am I allowed a one word answer?

Best economy decking?

Softwood timber is durable, cost effective and does provide good value for money. Softwood is my goto economy decking.

Decking materials or product that hasn’t been invented yet?

I think this is covered now as they have made systems that will not rot!

To tape or not to tape?

To tape is my short answer. You do get what you pay for and I am sure over the next few years end users will realise its worth.

To curve or not to curve?

I would only curve it if it was necessary, as in if I was going around something curved. Curving is complex and a massive layout for the machines to create the curves. There is also the skill in using these machines, hence he cost of curves is very expensive.

Any questions that you would like to have been asked… plus your answer of course.

I feel like everything was covered very well! I’m off to build a deck in Weybridge now

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