Composite Prime decking Tetsworth

Composite Prime decking Tetsworth

Creative decking design by the team at Sunshade and Decking Ltd inspired by Carl Buckland who runs the company. Based near Thame in Oxfordshire and cover a wider area.

Their client recently employed Carl and the team to design and build an extension to their raised paved terrace. Carl offered a solution in Composite prime, and the rest is history.

Professional decking installers

Sunshades and Decking Ltd are a professional company who are endorsed as pro installer by the Composite Prime decking manufacturer. Steeped in a construction background and with a host of other landscaping offerings they have excelled in decking construction.

Their portfolio is an impressive collection of well-made composite decking structures. There are many sizes, shapes, problems solved and many happy clients.

Composite Prime designer decking

This project was to create an extension to an existing paved terrace. Nautically themed as there is a hot tub and a swim spa within the terrace. The expert level finish and scribing in is faultless as are the surrounding fascia boards. Composite Prime HD Deck Dual Antique Board was the perfect choice for this project.

The curved shape is an impressive construction and one that the clients are “overjoyed with”.

Composite Prime decking supplier

Country Supplies are the star of the show for this one, having established a working relationship over the last few years with Carl. “They supplied this on time and without issue,” said Carl.

Country Supplies are a main supplier of many decking products with Composite Prime being their biggest seller. They are located near high Wycombe in Hughenden Valley and have a supply area of 60 miles.

Why Composite Prime?

Carl likes composite prime as it’s a quality product, Composite Prime HD Deck Dual Antique Board is a perfect match with the black fascia boards.

“The value for money is great, a well warranted board that looks great in my opinion the perfect balance of investment and aesthetics”.

Composite Decking design and build in Tetsworth.

Look no further is you want a composite prime decking Tetsworth, near Thame in Oxfordshire. Give Carl a call or find you way to his website and the rest will be easier than you think.

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