Decking design Ideas for Hardwood decking

Decking design Ideas for Hardwood decking

The best ideas for your decking will come from the other elements of your garden, well parts of it anyway. Most hardwood decking terraces are to enhance the useability of your garden space. Whether you need more space for seating, relaxing or somewhere to BBQ. Hardwood decking can suit a variety of needs for most homes.

There are many applications for hardwoods in your garden, you could clad adjacent walls to make the space look bigger. You can create patterns, even circles with decking. It may be used for boardwalks, pool surrounds and covered areas for exterior dining.

It is expensive when compared to modern composite decks and it’s not for everyone. As long as it is FSC certified and designed correctly you’ll have many years of enjoyment from it.

Ipe hardwood decking ideas in Amersham

A simple form of layering the decking. A simple change of direction on the boards and designed for single board layout. This design is simple and allows maximum use of the space. It also connects two sets of doors together.

Ipe hardwood decking is actually three times harder than oak has a service life of around 60 years when installed correctly. A rich dark brown colour which can be left to go silver or maintained with Owatrol decking oil.

decking ideas with Ipe Hardwood
inspiration with Ipe Hardwood

Balau hardwood decking ideas in Beaconsfield

A tricky decking material to get right, the timber demands short joist spacing and plenty of screws. In this application it’s a simple square of decking for a dining table and formal seating. It was constructed almost 20 years ago (2004) and it still going strong. It is silvery grey and has a lived in patina

Decking Ideas with Balau hardwood
Decking Ideas with Balau hardwood

Accoya hardwood decking in Chesham Bois

This has to be the new king of timber in town, as this timber is warranted for a minimum period of 50 years. It is inert and as such doesn’t expand and contract like most other timbers. It silvers to a beautiful silvery grey over a few years and is best used when selecting the most environmentally considerate material. The fascia of this decking is in tea washed Zinc panels.

This is a favourite of the GRAD system® for decking. It has an exceptionally comfortable feel when walking on it and great in bare feet.

professional garden designer chesham bois

Cedar decking ideas in Gerrards Cross

This was the king of timber decking some 15 years ago, it hasn’t left us and is still used a lot in decking. It’s a softer timber when compared to hardwood and does last about 20 – 25 years if oiled regularly.

This is an example of how a thicker than normal decking board can be used to create a reverse fan style path.

Decking ideas with Cedar hardwood
Decking ideas with Cedar hardwood

Pine decking ideas in Wendover

80 percent of decking installed in the UK is still pine and there’s nothing wrong with that. It is considered by most as a temporary solution. If it is installed correctly there’s no reason why it should last 20 years or more.

Smooth is the best was forward, grooved boards are difficult to maintain and they are more slippery than a smooth board. If you are looking for Decking design Ideas for Hardwood decking and you are wondering why this is included? The reason for pine decking to be in this list is that many want a deck and pine fits their cost expectations.

This pine decking was used as it worked with the clients with for everything to match and to work with their investment consideration.

Decking ideas with pine decking
Ideas for decking with pine decking

Images courtesy of Decking by Karl based in Amersham

Decking oil by Owatrol UK

Decking materials by Country Supplies

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