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Decorum.London Ltd


Decking Installation, Landscaping Professional

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Creator of the Decking Network for professional decking news and information for everyone, I am a Designer, Creator and Landscaping consultant – APL, PGCA and IET member.

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Steton Thicknesser planer 530 i for sale

Steton Thicknesser planer 530 i for sale

November 3, 2015

 I have a brilliant heavy duty Thicknesser Planer made by Steton. We bought it off the Wood working shop next door to us when they closed down. We thought we would have use for it but not really something we use… We did have the whole thing overhauled, and spent over £1000 having a full ... Read more

Iroko Hardwood Bench as part of a Landscaping scheme

September 17, 2014

Decorum.London has completed an Iroko hardwood timber project in Kew Bridge for a main contractor as part of a new housing development. These Bespoke timber structures and part of a larger landscaping scheme that form the private gardens for the residence. Our works were to design the timber element, large sections of FSC Iroko fixed ... Read more

Self Leveling Adjustable Paving and Decking Support Pedestal

September 3, 2014

Exterior Self Levelling adjustable paving support Pedestals Exterior Self Levelling adjustable paving support Pedestals are designed to be used where fine adjustment in height is required in order to obtain a level paved area on a roof deck. This is normally the case where the roof has been laid to falls for drainage, or where ... Read more

Love your Garden ITV features Kurupay Hardwood Decking

July 8, 2014

Love your Garden uses Kurupay Hardwood Decking to create a Tropical Spa Garden Some timber decks look better than others… Kurupay is long lasting and affordable. Exterpark is a unique brand of hardwood decking because it is the only invisible or secret fixed decking available, available in different thickness and widths, different species too. For ... Read more

The real cost of decking part 1

July 3, 2014

Calculating the real cost of decking part 1 Cut price or cut quality Does this mean the same, I think it does. I have heard far too many clients and contractors suggest that they can get the job done much cheaper, of course they can but do they realise the quality will suffer. If you ... Read more

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