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Bamboo Home specialise in outdoor laminated bamboo decking and lumber. Bamboo for outdoor use is a unique and innovative concept that was launched in 2011in the UK at Ecobuild and is creating a lot of interest throughout the market place.
Bamboo Home combines nature’s strength with the latest laminating technologies, including patented designs, and a specially formulated penetrating oil guaranteeing their products for 25 years against cracking, warping, splitting, twisting, cupping, rotting and general wear.

Bamboo Home’s outdoor products are manufactured using strips of bamboo vertically laminated resulting in a solid lumber that has a real beauty. The close, natural grain with the detail of the internodes can all clearly be seen which look very attractive. Bamboo is a rich, gold tone colour and is very tactile with a warm, almost soft, feel to it. As Cutek® penetrating oil is used there is no leaching or residue, only a smooth, matt finish which allows Bamboo’s natural beauty and feel to be fully appreciated.

The products and techniques have been independently tested and extensively used, with great success, in both South Africa and Australia – two environments well known for their harsh climatic conditions.
Bamboo Home’s most successful products are the decking boards which are reversible with two different profiles and available up to 3.6m in length. A clever secret fastening system uses stainless steel fixings and side grooves in the boards results in a very neat, sweeping deck which is quick and easy to install. Cladding is another product that is extremely fashionable and Bamboo Home offer a nice deep ‘V’ profile cladding board which is proving very popular.

Bamboo is rapidly becoming the answer to renewable and sustainable issues which surround us all.

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