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Claudia de Yong Designs


I am a garden designer/landscaper with a passion for plants and crafts. I have won 6 RHS Medals includig Gold and Best in Show.

I tend to be known more for water gardens and my ‘romantic’ way of planting. I travel far and wide seaking out the best and the unusual, visiting as many gardens as I can and learning every day.

I speak fluent French and good Italian

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To Deck or not to Deck......

March 3, 2013

  With reality TV gardening there came a time when it seemed every back garden had to be decked in some form or other and also had to be laid in just one hour! But decking has been used for many years in various ways in Scandinavia and America to such effect that to use ... Read more

More advantages of adding a bit decking to your lives!

January 26, 2011

Apart from the advantages listed in my first blog on whether to add decking to a design for an outdoor area, there are some fundamental issues of ‘levels’ which add weight to this.   Many people today want to extend the living area directly from their indoor spaces. The want the house to flow seemlessly ... Read more

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