Advertise on the Decking Network

Advertise on the Decking Network.
The Decking Network is a platform for Installers, Suppliers and Decking Manufacturers… Deck Builders and Landscapers are not forgot here, we shall be discussing you later.

Why should you advertise? 

This site is key to the decking industry in the UK. Looked at and engaged by thousands of people every week. Home owners and DIYers, Contractors, Garden Designers, Architects, Landscapers and Professional Deck Builders.

They all search on Google and in the main prefer to shop locally. Logistically its more cost efficient and much quicker too. If you target your audience using this website, you will be on the front page of Google. Theres no smoke and mirrors, just a plain and simple get you on the front page and thats it. Its where you want to be without the fuss of expensive SEO… much quicker too. (in a lot of cases within a few days)

We get your Brand where its needed. On a dusty coffee table, its not remembered. Your information is kept fresh and updated regularly

We really only do Decking and a little Cladding.. 

There are many platforms online and hard copy magazine which are too generic and too watered down. Landscape sites that often have decking in the small print… lost in the ether and not high in the priority for SEO or marketing.

The Decking Network is focused, has strong SEO and well positioned to promote you and your brand.. Advertise on the Decking Network to get you where it matters most

Custom made marketing for you

Your products are special to you and we care that your marketing message is broadcast to those that need to see it…

We keep our advertising options simple and offer a unique and extremely targeted decking-focussed audience to our advertisers.

Decking Network Amassadors

These are the guys that drive the site information and there are only four of them. They sponsor relevant pages and encourage well written content to drive the site.

The Decking Network Ambassadors are on almost every page of the site…  thats thousands of pages.

Technowood– Aluminium covered in a veneer of timber, A2 fire rated and specified all over the world

Brooks Bros UK Ltd timber suppliers, covering the UK with a massive range of timber

Owatrol timber oil and wood preservatives, the market leader in the marine and decking industry for timber protection

Decking installers and Landscapers

Guys, don’t advertise, simply write good copy and send it to us with your images, we can arrange to do the rest.

Email us for more information marketing [email protected]