Reply To: Solid vs Hollow Composite Decking


I have this every day of the week, this conversation usually has “whats your cheapest” in there somewhere, I always request the spec and quite simply its a contractors job to maximize their profits. 

I get this with timber just as much, the spec calls for teak and the contractor would say “what looks like teak that’s cheaper” my answer is usually errrrr teak? 

We could be discussing this at a Decking Expo, whats do you recon?

Alex Collins said:

Yes Karl – agree.

Had an interesting conversation with a project manager from a rather large house-builder recently, they were comparing Ecodek to cheaper brand. When I pointed out that the cheaper brand only had a 5yr warranty, whereas ours is 25 years FULL warranty commercial & residential, the guy’s answer was something along the lines of “we don’t care, 5 years is enough for us”.