Reply To: White blotches on Ipe Decking

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My pleasure Lucas.
When you have new hardwood theres are a few factors to consider.
1. The hardness of the timber will reduce the oils ability to soak in, so you should use oils appropriate for hardwood.
2. The timber will have Mill Glaze from its production. Consider a very fast spinning blade cutting the timber at high speed, it gets very hot and almost cauterises the surface.The cutters of the planer close the wood pores whilst the natural oils come to the surface of the timber through the machining heat. As the wood cools these oils produce a glaze on the surface of the wood. It is this that prevents the new oil soaking in to your timber.

So, this is why its best to apply PrepDeck which opens up the surface of the timber and removes any surface film or oil. You then Neutralise this with NetTrol, now this then removes any staining as well as neutralising the effects of the Prep-deck. You can then let it dry and when it is, you then saturate your timber with something like Textrol or Aquadecks (my favourite).

A good tip is to get the oil IN the timber and not ON the timber… wet on wet application and get it saturated … Best of luck