Reply To: Solid vs Hollow Composite Decking


No Karl, not all. If they’re PVC composite then they are more likely to be ok as PVC has better tensile properties than hdpe or pp. However, that doesn’t mean all PVC composites will be ok.  What we are seeing with the Far Eastern product is that it contains MIXED waste plastics, namely PP/HDPE/PET.  Anyone in the plastics industry will tell you that its very difficult to homogenise PP or HDPE to PET. That’s why they are de-laminating, the polymers aren’t mixing and instead, forming separate layers in the product. If I had a balcony made from this stuff, I would be very worried indeed, as should be the distributors, they may well end up with blood on their hands.  I am going to seek advice as to whether I can name & shame – I have the proof so I’m hoping (in the interest of public safety) I will be legally allowed.  I dread to think how much is out there…………..One of the main DIY sheds has been selling it too……….