Reply To: Solid vs Hollow Composite Decking


Hello Alex.

I myself is getting very frustrated with the hollow cheap recycled decking. Its either recycled bin bags, rice paper or recycled dashboards and tyres. It just puts a bad name to composite decking. And at the moment its being flooded into the UK market . I’ve been offered it loads at the moment from China and this lady is trying to sell it to us for 98p a MTR. That says it all. The shrinkage on the Chinese stuff is around 30mm per board. I’ve refused to use it on the reason its no guarantee . if it does carry one its usually a year they give . the warrenty also is non existent. Its really annoying me. The solid composite which we all know of like millboard, timbertech, trex, Fiberon are so more superior is unreal . especially with guarantee , fade and stain values also structure reasons as well if you follow the guide lines. But I think I’ve said my bit now and feel a lot better.Peter