Reply To: Completely lost, oil then preserve, pre-laying preserve?


Sounds very much like you want to the absolute best job there can be… good to see.

I would install your decking fully and then to the OWATROL routine.

Soak your deck in water then apply a neat coat of Prep-Deck, jet wash off after 30 minutes or so, this will remove the Mill Glaze and Open the pores of the timber, whilst wet then apply Net-Trol, this will neutralize the prepdeck and remove any water staining.

Allow to dry full, perhaps 2 days

The when applying our your quality decking oil, OWATROL D1 or D1 Pro, allow to fully soak in and don’t do what 99% of contractors do and thats wipe on and wipe off…. soak soak soak, the oil is best in the timber and not on the timber… when it stops absorbing the oil wipe off the residual in one single motion and move onto the next area…

Messing with the timber prior to installation will only lead to an unhappy chappy as you will scratch and mark the boards whilst cutting etc…

You don’t need to preserve Ipe… its bomb proof

Are you installing smooth ipe boards with predrilled and countersunk holes with stainless screws or are you using a side fixed system?