Reply To: Removing old, failing decking ‘paint’

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Hi Jeremy

I would back up what Karl has said but rather than the 7sqm’s per litre I would work on 4sqm’s per litre when stripping with Prepdeck and use Net-trol undiluted. For stripping work in areas that you can strip in 20/30 minutes and use a garden sprayer with a fan head, to apply the Prepdeck – it’s the most efficient way. In general before starting the work I always carry out 2 tests, the first on the parts where the coating is the least damaged, the second where the coating is the most damaged. These tests will determine the contact time required for the condition of the coating to be stripped and help to minimise or avoid the darkening (if it’s a hardwood or wood high in tannins) and furring of the wood.

As soon as you have stripped an area and rinsed it apply the Net-trol and leave to sit until the wood has lightened but for at least 15 minutes, if you leave it on longer it doesn’t matter since Net-trol will not harm the timber. If you do not have a powerwasher, then a good quality scrubbing brush and hose with good pressure will work. Hot water will also help. By the way DO NOT use a natural bristle scrubbing brush, Prepdeck will soften it. I own one of these and its brilliant, 5 year and it’s still going strong. Couple of other tips for you; Prepdeck is very slippy to walk on so be careful. Also after you have applied it, leave it 5 minutes then scrub (not heavily) the Prepdeck treated surface this will help to work it into the coating and help with the stripping. This is one bit where the slippiness of Prepdeck helps as you can skate across the surface while scrubbing.

Hope this helps