Reply To: why composite decking is definitely NOT a good choice!

Real Hardware LLC

Well, Roque, you have surprised me like you did to others in  this forum. I have been in this business since 1984. We have been using Natural Wood decking and it fades after 2-3 years. Mind it, I am talking about GCC countries where the temperature in the peak summer is 49-51 deg. C. 

Since last 8-9 years we have introduced Composite (WPC) Decking, Pergolas, fencing, railing and so on and the result is remarkable despite the extreme whether. We do 10 times more Business now. We do export to other Countries in the Middle east, N. africa and S. Asia. we didnt have any complaint so far whatsoever. 

Needless to elaborate as Karl,Alex and Leon explained from their experience. Hope you are convinced.

B. Regards