Reply To: why composite decking is definitely NOT a good choice!


Hi Roque, I think its a shame you came in all guns blazing putting down the properties of composites, as that is most definitely ‘negative marketing’ in my book.

Anyway, solid decking is generally more expensive than hollow decking, but not by a lot. However, being that hollow decking is far inferior to solid decking, I don’t think the price comparison is that relevant. Our trade price for Ecodek solid decking is £38/m2 +vat. For that you get boards of any length up to 6m, all our competitors only seem to offer standard lengths (timber products included). We offer bespoke lengths for no extra charge, so this brings your whole project cost down because you are not paying for off-cuts.  Good quality composite decking has its (relatively small) part of the decking market just as IPE decking has its own part. Some people will want wood, and some wont. At the end of the day, lets all just market the positives of our products rather than shout about the negatives of others – doesn’t that make more sense?