Reply To: why composite decking is definitely NOT a good choice!

Roque Valente SRL

Mr Valente is back from the forest and here is my comment. I would like to note to the readers that I am an ipe decking supplier, in fact a mill located in Bolivia and that my main discussion partner, mr Alex Collins is a composite decking manufacturer.

1) my strategy is not based on negative marketing techniques but to get the propaganda storm from mainly out of China more into balance. Yes, ipe is not 100% perfect and yes composite decking is not 100% problematic. Of the posts I see on the internet 90% is about perfect and marvelous composite decking, while under this storm of attention there is also a true natural possibility which is ipe decking.

2) about the pictures this is hollow decking, indeed inferiour to massive decking. What I then do not read in your post about massive quality decking is the price? I wonder how much cheaper it then would be then just one of the best real wood decking options: ipe. This should be mentioned to get the right picture.

So, I still thing that it is just NOT true that composite decking is AND cheaper AND maintenance free AND also eco friendly, because these are the statements made by most composite decking sellers. If you increase the quality then where is the price going to?? So I just put everything into perspective , that is all.