Reply To: why composite decking is definitely NOT a good choice!

Roque Valente SRL

okay, here is my proof: to see a law suit

– see pictures that I poste initially

– see reaction also by Terry Newman, as a manufacturer he is quite an insider in this matter

Conslusion: so there are Mercedes cars that also break down and so do Lada cars, however, my opinion is indeed that Mercedes cars break less down then Lada cars. So not all Ladas break down. Please remind that in this example Lada cars are much cheaper which is sometimes not the case for composite decking.


I have posted this issue by the way because I see very often misleading and false claims from composite decking suppliers in respect of eco friendly ness, “maintenance free” and price. This is just not true and my goal is to balance off these misleading claims on their product and put it in perspective.