Reply To: why composite decking is definitely NOT a good choice!

Roque Valente SRL

(OFFENSIVE WORDS REMOVED)  ipe hardwood decking is so dense that it naturally resists, mildew, mold, fungus, and insects. To the contrairy, your composite decking because of the mixture between vinyl and pulp wood, it absorbs moisture, then dispels it this creates a pocket within the vinyl that soaks up moisture every time it gets wet. Over time your composite decking will face black mold, like an un-vented shower stall and it will never subside. Cleaners may make it look alright for a few days—but it will always come back. Apparently they still have issues. If composite decking contains wood it may be prudent to steer clear of the product. Warrantees offered by Composite decking companies are notorious for pointing out their tragic flaws. Pool chemicals, mechanical wear, mold growth are most often not covered by their limited lifetime warrantee!