Reply To: why composite decking is definitely NOT a good choice!


You wont get a firmer believer than me with regard to your statement “cheap stuff ends up expensive” thats why I created this network to show others that a correctly constructed deck designed and installed by a professional will represent good value for money.


I am sure you will fit right in….enjoy



Roque Valente said:

hello, discussions are not to make people upset but to set forward believes and especially pro’s and cons. The forum (as I see it) is like the parliament where different viewpoints are given and people then make up their own mind. I am well aware that per labour costs (at least in Belgium/ Germany etc) is around 50 euro/m2, it doesn’t really matter whether it be ipe deck or composite deck. What does matter is that once installed, the maintenance needs to be minimized because of these same costs. That is why eventually cheap stuff ends up expensive.