Reply To: Decking and different thickness


Hi Roque

I agree that the cost is crazy, however we only supply what Architects and Designers specify.

The difference is usually for heavy traffic pedestrian use or commercial applications. The benefits being the thicker the timber decking the wider the Joist and deck span.

Sometimes cost is not the most important factor, with a hardwood substructure and a thicker product the longevity is increase by a substantial amount; the labour ,however, doesn’t increase by much 

Roque Valente said:


1) yes, we are such a supplier (ipe decking only), I need to say that decking other then 19/20 or 21mm is always MUCH more expensive

2) why the difference in thick? I have no idea since 20m is more then enough especially if it is hardwood decking, but some need special superdeck for some misterious reason.

So if you are in need of a large quantity (10,000sqft / 1000m2) do not hesitate to contact us for a very competitive quotation!