Balau Decking Restored Thanks To Owatrol

A project, that completed by R&A Pressure Washing Services, used a variety of Owatrol products on this balau deck to restore it back to the wood’s natural beauty.

The customer had previously applied a low quality wood oil and within just 3 months, the wood had lost all of its beautiful natural warm colour and turned it grey and cold.

To start this project he began with Prepdeck – a high grade wood stripper and cleaner that is specifically designed for the removal of old solid and semi-transparent stains, grade stamps, mill glaze and other finishes from wood.

Next, he used Net-Trol – a wood cleaner and brightener that is also a neutraliser. Using Net-Trol immediately after using Prepdeck is essential as it stops the active ingredient in the Prepdeck from continuing to work, allowing for a smooth and professional finish to be applied.

Finally, the wood was now ready to be finished.

He chose to use a clear finish of Textrol wood oil – a product that deeply saturates into the wood to protect it from within, meaning the product does not sit on the surface and so will not peel and flake. Textrol enhances the wood’s natural beauty whilst also providing a long-lasting mildew-resistant finish.