Reply To: Camo hidden deck fastening system


We had a practical demonstration of this some time ago (maybe 18 months). The sales guy had real trouble getting the screw to bite into our composite deck board – his comments were that our board was tougher & denser than any other he’d tried. (He’s probably right, it’s a good quality board after all!)

When the screw was eventually fitted (took him a while longer than with conventional top-down screwing), I felt that it did not clamp the board down sufficiently for us to be able to endorse it for use on our Ecodek composite decking boards. 

I liked the idea – I’m sure it works on most decking products, but didn’t feel it suited our board partly due to the much shorter distance between screw and edge of the board – with a dense board like ours, this could lead to a hairline crack being generated.