Camo hidden deck fastening system

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    Have just seen an ad in professional builder magazine for the Camo deck fastening system. They say it is suitable for any type of deck board – softwood, hardwood & man made. It simply clips over the deck board and has built in spacers either side. The screw is then driven down through the side of the board and into the joist beneath with a pre set angle built into the Camo tool.

    Does it work? Is the screw head still visible? Does it hold enough of the board down? Is the spacing gap adjustable etc, etc.

    Sounds simple but has anyone used this gadget on site & how does it perform ?


    Hi Paul

    I don’t quite know whats going on here, I have emailed Kelsey on the Network and also Camo direct and thus far have had no response?

    Let me know if you get a response direct




    I have emailed Camo in the states direct, no reply at the moment.

    I have also tried the UK Distributors here

    Best of luck



    I have looked into this product as a contractor and for a fellow contractor and found that it is more of a DIYer tool than I would use placing hidden fasteners . The clip provides the spacing that goes with the specific decking materials. I still fasten treated, cedar or redwood decking from the top down because the potential cupping when the boards dry out. I have had success in placing the clips into all different decking materials by drilling the screw through the clip into the joist and not placing it into the deck board to keep it from splitting the edge. I use tiger claw most of the time on wood decking and the recommend clip with composite. It is up to each one of us in how we go about fastening down the decking boards.


    Ok thanks for the feedback guys. Interesting to see different gadgets available for deck installation and how they perform ?

    CAMO Fasteners


    We had a practical demonstration of this some time ago (maybe 18 months). The sales guy had real trouble getting the screw to bite into our composite deck board – his comments were that our board was tougher & denser than any other he’d tried. (He’s probably right, it’s a good quality board after all!)

    When the screw was eventually fitted (took him a while longer than with conventional top-down screwing), I felt that it did not clamp the board down sufficiently for us to be able to endorse it for use on our Ecodek composite decking boards. 

    I liked the idea – I’m sure it works on most decking products, but didn’t feel it suited our board partly due to the much shorter distance between screw and edge of the board – with a dense board like ours, this could lead to a hairline crack being generated.


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