Reply To: Invisible fixings and glue

Hardydeck Outlet

dear Paul, invisible screws I guess you mean a clip system?

here some comments why we do not recommend this clip system:

1)  If the ipe board shrinks, it could shrink right out of the clip, especially if the installer didn’t get the joint snug against the clip. If the board cups due to lack of airflow, it will curl right out of the clip. If the board swells, it will pop the clip and buckle the board

2) If you have a damaged or miss-behaving board, you will have to do one of two things to fix it. You will have to take all the proceeding boards off, fix that board, then reset all the boards before it again. Or, you will have to cut that misbehaving board out, lay a new one in, then, face screw it into place as per the instructions that comes with the clips. Either way, not the way I want to spend my Sunday nor do I want my deck to end up with face screws in it defeating the whole purpose of hidden fasteners in the first place. 


So these are our recomendations for the clip system, furtermore, for installing your decking boards not with visible fixations and also no clip system, we recommend you to use a tool called CAMO system (click on the link for more information and illustration)