Reply To: Quality Installers Required


Thanks Karl, We have recently had an incident where we had recommended an installer, that installer had done a shoddy job (not enough screws, incorrect bearer spacings etc). The installer seems to have now gone out of business and in un-contactable! The customer is (understandably) upset.

What we need are reliable, time served installers, who are willing to read & comply with the installation instructions. As you know, composite decking has to be fitted correctly to give the lifespan intended and we are seeing more & more cases of poor workmanship.


I would say that the main installation faults are:

1) No airflow under deck

2) Incorrect bearer spacings

3) Incorrect gapping

4) Insufficient screwing

5) Not screwing close enough to the end of the board


Over the last 10 years of composite decking manufacture & supply, we have learned a lot about the best methods of installation, care & maintenance. (By maintenance, I mean keeping gaps clear and cleaning.)

We have a number of good & reliable installers that we can call upon, but are always looking for more. We would of course, need to assess any applicants, but once they have been approved, there is plenty of referrals we can give them – especially in & around London. All sorts of jobs from 10m2 back garden work to Hotel refits, and everything in-between!