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    Ecodek Vannplastic Ltd have been manufacturing composite decking for 10 years now and have provided material for thousands of decks including 4000m2 for the Olympic Stadium. Due to the continual increase in the popularity of Ecodek, we are needing more & more quality installers that we can recommend to our customers. If you are interested in applying to become an approved installer, please send an email to [email protected]. Please provide information on your installation experience. Thanks. Ecodek


    Great News Alex

    Could you possible explain the qualities you are looking for? There maybe some decking installers that may fall short of your expectations.

    Many thanks for posting



    Thanks Karl, We have recently had an incident where we had recommended an installer, that installer had done a shoddy job (not enough screws, incorrect bearer spacings etc). The installer seems to have now gone out of business and in un-contactable! The customer is (understandably) upset.

    What we need are reliable, time served installers, who are willing to read & comply with the installation instructions. As you know, composite decking has to be fitted correctly to give the lifespan intended and we are seeing more & more cases of poor workmanship.


    I would say that the main installation faults are:

    1) No airflow under deck

    2) Incorrect bearer spacings

    3) Incorrect gapping

    4) Insufficient screwing

    5) Not screwing close enough to the end of the board


    Over the last 10 years of composite decking manufacture & supply, we have learned a lot about the best methods of installation, care & maintenance. (By maintenance, I mean keeping gaps clear and cleaning.)

    We have a number of good & reliable installers that we can call upon, but are always looking for more. We would of course, need to assess any applicants, but once they have been approved, there is plenty of referrals we can give them – especially in & around London. All sorts of jobs from 10m2 back garden work to Hotel refits, and everything in-between!



    Thanks for the plug Gary! We’re looking forward to supplying you in the new year.  Its quite amazing how interest for composite decking just grows and grows. Vannplastic Ltd have been manufacturing wood plastic composites since 2002 and Ecodek since 2004 and in that time we’ve seen sales grow every year between 30% – 100%. There’s a lot of exciting new projects on the way too, including a self assembly fence panel, multi-layered decking boards (to give different surface properties), other cladding profiles and many other bespoke profiles for specific customers.


    Hi Alex


    Did you find many applying to become installer for your decking?




    Hi Karl, yes we got 3 or 4 I think. Angela is dealing with them. I hope we are able to put business your way and theirs next year! – If anyone is reading this who has requested to be on our installer database and they are unsure as to whether they have been put on the database or not, please contact [email protected]




    Great news Alex


    Do keep us updated with any contracts that you have won or if you want to update us with the installers of your product that you recommend. I have started a Group for your installers and they can then promote themselves there.





    Alex, Any updates on how things have gone?


    Ecodek have had a number of staff changes and I am not sure how their installer program is progressing at present… Alex left some time ago

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