Reply To: Do we need planning laws for decking in the UK?


I have recently had an experience with this subject and it has proved to be a pain but we will get around it.


When the inspector visited the site as a result of a complaint he made it clear where  the problem had risen so to speak and that was from the void created under neat the decking which constitutes planning and also the fact that it was 20m to the highway,


The intention is to create a green wall to each tear of this proposed decking which the council approves of  though they must consider the heights created by this new decking on an unusable unsightly peace of ground.


It will be beneficial for all to clarify these projects before commencement of works to avoid allot of expense and soul searching after.


It looks good for the middle section and the top tear is fine, I will keep you posted as to the outcome in 8? weeks.


Cheers John