Reply To: Do we need decking regulations in the UK.


There are already regulatons in the form of various British Standards and Building Regulations. There is also a recognised Trade Association that has been in operation since 1999 – the Timber Decking Association ( TDA). The TDA is an independent, not for profit technical and advisory body that has been instrumental in interpreting British Standards and developing technical and good practice guidance in collaboration with TRADA ( see the TRADA/TDA Professionals Guide) and also publishes various technical bulletins to help designers and installers meet planning and building regulations. The TDA Code of Practice for Raised Timber Decks is incorporated by NHBC into its standards for all new homes built by NHBC registered builders. Over 165,000 architects, designers and consumers sought information from TDA in 2009.

The TDA operates “DeckMark” a quality assurance scheme developed by BM TRADA Certification for decking materials and contractors to provide those who buy materials or design and installation services to be reassured that products and practices meet TDA standards – see for more.
Steve Young
Company Secretary
Timber Decking Association