HDPE plastic joists AND aluminium joists by Millboard Exclusive…

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    Millboard decking latest aluminium plaspro news.

    Launched as soft as I could possibly whisper, the all new decking sub structure by Millboard® Decking.

    Aluminium is as simple it gets for any lightweight structure, so too is PlasPro HDPE plastic joists but when you add them together the result is insane.

    In it’s own right I don’t have too much time for HDPE (Plaspro included), awkward to install, time consuming, too many posts, too may oversized fixings and the cost is in the main prohibitive. The aluminium is the same, limited in usability, self-tappers everywhere and very limited data for spans… then Millboard had the stroke of genius to combine these two materials to create… “Not quite sure what it’s called joist”

    Millboard Aluminium PlasPro decking joist

    I am sure there will be a sensible noise created for its launch, the product looks so professional when compared to other systems on the market.

    Having seen this in Coventry at the factory and also presented to great applause at the Futurescape show in Sandown racecourse, I can’t wait to get this onto a project.

    I don’t, know the name, I don’t know the price but I do know it comes in 3 metres lengths and I know it spans a country mile…

    More to follow folks… but in the meantime, do let me know what your thoughts are.


    looks nice, im guessing its way out of the residential budgets?


    As Millboard is premium product anyway I see this as an enhanced and more saleable product.It may be more expensive option for materials but I am sure with the increased span (1.7m) there will be less support posts, I am not sure on pricing yet but there will certainly be a reduction in labour as a trade off.

    For commercial project I see this as quite a revelation… it’ll get specified for sure

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