Anti slip decking treatment

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    Hi, does anyone have any experience with anti slip decking treatments/oils on softwood decks, good or bad?


    I have dabbled but without any real success.

    I see that some products are only warranted in the tin because:

    • Did the tin get correctly agitated prior to application
    • How thick was the application
    • What was the temperature upon application
    • What was the moisture content of the timber
    • What is the intended use, amount of foot traffic
    • What is the weather like post application

    All of these attributes and many other will contribute to the function of the anti slip capability of the product…

    In short, unless otherwise convinced I don’t use it.

    Ruby-may Robson

    Anti-slip inserts are a useful way to avoid accidents on slippery decking. Most companies provide a guarantee. Our for instance covers the anti-slip properties for 5 years. Because the strips are made with Bauxite which is a sedimentary rock, some people avoid using them in areas where young children play because falling on one would almost certainly skim the skin from a knee, although others argue they would rather a skimmed knee than a running child slip and have a nasty accident.

    There are various types of insert. The Deckwright inserts from WJ come in a kit which contains 25m and adhesive, are easy to cut with tools in the garden, and as long as the deck is clean and dry when installed, have a good lifespan.

    All that being said, the quality and longevity of the finish really depends on whether the instructions have been properly followed on installation….

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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