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    I have recently joined the APL, association of professional landscapers, I must say that to date I have not been very impressed with how the organisation is being run.

    Firstly it took them over 5 weeks to confirm my membership, which having paid for a 12 months I’m already loosing out. I asked for an invoice to be sent out as our Vat return is due and was advised that they couldn’t supply one at the moment due to a technical hitch and weren’t able to say when the glitch would be fixed.

    A welcome pack was posted to us but never arrived and finally I asked about Trustmark vehicle stickers and logo’s for the our website and they didn’t now how to go about getting them. Not a great start to our relationship, hopefully things improve from here onwards. Has anybody else experienced similar treatment ?


    Yes, I joined this year Robert and have had a great response.

    I engage the APL website, speak to many other members and also gain exposure to projects by networking with them. I guess you may have had one or two minor hiccups but I am more than certain that once you start speaking to others at the Regional cluster meetings you’ll find what real benefits you may receive. To be honest I have received my welcome pack and they’ll suck their teeth to read that I haven’t really looked at it yet.

    I do get referral links from both the APL and also the Trustmark website, indecently you also get links (decking installer page) from this website and also DMOZ…

    Perhaps you may want to come to a South Bucks or West London meeting?


    Hi Karl

    The west London meeting would suit me although I’m out of the country for January so Feb onwards. 


    Perfect I shall ask as see what I can organize

    Have a good Christmas


    Just seen that you created this site, excellent job.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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