Composite decking without the fake wood facade

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    Hello Gang,

    I am designing a deck and I would like to use composite decking because of the ease of upkeep, but all of the composite decking that I have found has a fake woodgrain finish. I don’t like the fake wood grain at all and I would like to have it be flat or, at the very least, I would like it to have some uniform, non-wood, finish. Any suggestions? 

    Also, Does anyone recommend a brand that is pretty resistant to stains and molding?

    Thank y’all in advance!


    Hi Jesse,

    It looks like you are in the US? Over here in the UK we make smooth deck boards without the embossed/grain effect. The European market appears to prefer a composite decking product that is not imitating wood and not pretending to be something it isn’t, over here, composite decking is an alternative flooring media rather than a wood substitue. (Well, that’s how we see it & we’ve been manufacturing composute decking in the UK for nearly 12 years.) Let me know if I can help further.

    Best regards

    Alex Collins


    Thanks so much for the reply!

    I took a look at your website and you have exactly what I am looking for, but I would think that the exchange rate and the shipping from the UK would be astronomical, is that correct?

    Either way, it is great to see that what I am looking for does exist.

    Thanks again,



    Hi Jesse – shipping is not that bad, our extruders are manufactured in Cincinnati, Ohio & we regularly ship heavy crates of machinery back & forth for repair. If you have an idea of what volume you require, I’d be happy to get you a quotation including delivery.

    We have shipped our product all around the World, but not yet to the US which is undoubtedly the capital of WPC production!

    Many thanks




    There are two decks, one is 220 Sq.Ft. (11×20) and the other is 260 Sq.Ft. (13×20). 

    It is funny that you have not shipped to the US before, maybe we all really enjoy fake wood. If it makes any difference, we are working with an architect that was recently featured in Dwell and this home is likely to be featured as well so if you are trying to break into the US market, it would be great to work with you.



    Hi Jesse – let me get you a ballpark figure together including delivery. Can you give me your location so that I can get an accurate shipping figure?




    The house is being built in Atlanta, Georgia.



    Hi Jesse – just waiting for transport costs.




    Transport costs not looking too bad to be honest I can email you a formal quotation (is you supply me an email address), but suffice to say:

    43×3.4m  (220 sq ft) 

    43 x 4m  (260 sq ft)

    stainless screws

    Delivery is included but does not include import taxes, customs charges or ISF duty.

    Total £2517 – circa $4050




    Thanks Alex,

    I have sent you a friend request so that I can send you a message with my email address.


    Hi Guys

    Hows business… all good in the composite decking world I hope

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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