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    Hi All

    Does anyone know of any Deck Planning Software that may be availabe?




    Personally Steve I use google sketchup, its not an instant planning software, more of a cad type software.
    I prefer to use this as you can do exactly what you want rather than what the software is programmed to do.
    There is a free version of this that work perfectly fine as long as you don’t need scale drawings.


    I also recommend Google SketchUp, there are no real limits to this simple software, I say simple but you can create the most stunning photo realistic renders. From basic line drawings to scale or apply a measurement on screen to enable the printed version to have dimensions.

    The plugins available allow you to create pretty much anything and can provide a perfect presentation tool when chasing projects.

    I quite often find this useful when there is only 2d, plan and side elevation drawings for your liftoff and so with a quick sketch all can become apparent quite quickly…..all in iso and perpective of course. You can even export in most CAD formats DWF and the like.



    Thanks guys, I already use Sketchup – love it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t give you a cutting list and and a costing.

    If the right software doesn’t exist, maybe I’ll build the software. :). Thanks for replying.


    Great stuff, perhaps I can create a page for the site users to showcase their decking designs, what do you recon?

    In any case a decking guide for your clients can be found here

    I also have spreadsheets that can assist in the calculations; although basic provide a sound cost analysis for your projects.




    Sounds like a plan. I’ll give it some serious thought. I’d be interested in seeing your spreadsheet. Thanks.


    We were toying with the idea of a deck design & calculator for our Ecodek site, so maybe interested in a JV? Although I am sceptical as to whether it actually saves any time. The program will only be as good as the information the user puts into it.


    Hi Alex

    Please can you add me as a friend so that I can send you a private message? Thanks.



    Steve Barker said:

    Hi Alex

    Please can you add me as a friend so that I can send you a private message? Thanks.

    Shepherds Carpentry

    Also a fan of sketchup here and use it for most projects, one was even used in court to settle a neighbours complaint that the deck would destroy his view. Good news is the deck went ahead and the neighbour is also a fan now as it improved his view considerably 🙂

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