Decking construction “Double Beams” fixed to a rebated post.

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    I have been considering the method of fixing beams to joists. It has become common practice for good installers to rebate the posts to seat the joist on top as well as fixing with a nut and bolt.

    When it is required, in accordance with TRADA beam span tables, do you have the beams together or seperated. I.e by using (2 x) 150 x 47 C24 timber sections as beams, do you place these together in one rebate onto a 150mm x 150 post or do you use 2 rebates, one on either side of the post and thus having a 50mm gap between the beams.

    My reason for this is that the timber would have more chance to transpirate the water out of the timbers more efficiently, thus lasting longer… that’s what I think anyway.

    What are your views?

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