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    When providing a design service for a new deck, do you concern your selves with simply designing/drawing the finished aesthetic or do you provide a detailed and technical approach.

    As the client only sees the finished product and I feel only gets the benefit from a drawing that displays the finished product, is there anything more that has to be done?

    Or do you provide a full technical service by where you show full spec scale drawings, with detail of beam and joist spans with detail on fixing? EC5 ? NBS ?


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    Technical drawings? God no haha.
    If you nip over to our site and look at some of our biggest decks, well the drawing that got us job is just a quick 2 minute birds eye view sketch accompanied with a few crude 3d bits ie to show the front cloaking and hand rails. I describe the deck in detail from the picture as I can see them finished even before we start building. (Probably a bit OCD but I can see the actual deck as soon as the customer has described it :-/ )


    Great, so when quantifying materials for your installations, do you calculate your joist and beam span depending upon what decking materials you are using for that given project. How do you convey to your guys installing where to put the beams and at what centres, same for joist centres? Or perhaps you install the whole project yourself, you would save a fortune by calculating what you are going to do – this would minimise waste and also save you time on site thinking “now where does this go”, “ah yes, that looks about right”.

    I see your point about as soon as the client shows you where they want a deck you see the design… nothing wrong with this, a great selling point. 

    Be great to see you enroll for the BMTRADA decking professionals course, what do you recon.. 



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