Decking Lengths

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    We currently supply lengths of 3.6m (2 of which make up 1sq/m), but they are proving fairly heavy and difficult to handle. Is there any standard length that anyone would suggest or what the minimum acceptable length of decking would be.
    Thank you, Harriet



    I am all for shorter lengths for the following reasons:

    Reduced movement after installation (there is an increased rate of movement that is proportional to the length of timber)

    looks more like an interior timber flooring.

    Easy to handle, transportion costs are reduced.

    Easier to install, bending 5.4m lengths of Ipe is not easy.

    Makes the use of timber more efficient, less waste is a good thing these days…



    Great thank you Karl, appreciate your knowledge!  Harriet

    Roque Valente SRL

    shorts is:

    – cheaper

    – easier to buy

    – less prone to warping (banana bending)

    but no importer is likely to buy shorts from us (exporter), it has so many advantages!

    good luck

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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